Alan Potter

Alan is a self-taught potter. In 2003 he took his first and only ceramics class. After 15 minutes, he was fixated, as the instructor described pinch pots, the “most ancient form of pottery.” The rest of that class, and all those that followed, were an unsuccessful attempt to divert his attention to wheel-throwing. After the 6 or 8 weeks drew to a close, Alan went home and made pinch pots.

"The designs for most of my work are taken straight from nature; giraffes and elephants, cows and moose, kiwis and crows. The animals I choose and the process of raku firing are aspects of my work that have evolved over time. My subjects have certain characteristics that lend themselves to my style. Simplicity in design and a touch of personification, brought together with the organic nature of raku brings the creatures to life. Having recently relocated to the Southwest, I am in the process of incorporating a number of native animals; roadrunner, javelina, lizards, etc.It is not my intention to imitate nature, but to borrow from it. Each piece is individually hand built giving them the unique character that they deserve."

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