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Our Shop

We use local and responsibly logged lumber to make our handcrafted custom-designed furniture. Martin uses a portable mill which is simply a small sawmill, normally run by a single person. You find them almost everywhere across the United States but they can be hard to locate because they often fly just below the radar.

Follow the life of a tree as it makes its way from log to furniture-grade lumber; once the tree is cut into manageable logs; it is placed on a rack specifically made for slicing the slabs of cedar or pine using the mill. After the slabs are sliced then it must be stored out of the weather to dry. Normally it would be stored in rafters in our shop or shed. The mild sunny and dry climate in Idyllwild is perfect to leave it outdoors to dry, weather permitting. Using a gauge we can monitor the moisture in the slabs to determine when they are dry and ready to start to cut to make that special handcrafted piece of furniture.

This is why each piece is unique and can be "made to order" just for you.

True to its name, Forest Furniture comes straight from the forest to your cabin or home.

For more information call 714-717-9447 or email ForestFurnitureGallery@gmail.com

Martin and Janet milling the wood to start a new piece.