Martin Jones.... His business card reads, Designer and maker of custom Furniture.

Coming from Birmingham (England not Alabama) Martin grew up in time and place where the traditional value of an apprenticeship was still highly treasured. However having gotten his City and Guilds Martin decided there might be more to life than factory hours and football hooliganism and so he joined the Royal Navy to see the world. It was in the navy where the importance of meticulous workmanship was further instilled in Martin when he became a Weapons Engineer, a profession where accuracy and dependability can literally mean the difference between life and death.

After leaving the navy and searching for a few more years, Martin eventually found himself in America, the land of opportunity where he could follow his true dream, to become a master furniture maker. In a world of instant gratification and pre-assembled commodities Martin wanted to practice the old school disciplines of patience and craftsmanship he had been raised with and so he set about learning the craft of woodworking. After many years attending various woodworking workshops, including the legendary classes taught by Kelly Mahlers in Kentucky Martin felt he was finally ready to open up shop.

Sometimes, like sunlight bursting through the trees to light the flowers of a meadow, things just come together. For Martin that coming together was finding the town of Idyllwild, a place where time can be slowed to its traditional pace and where the merits of craftsmanship and patience are still valued. Relying almost entirely upon locally grown and responsibly logged cedar, Manzanita, pine, madrone, mountain mahogany, ash and olive Martin has created a rich gallery of old style furnishings, including Adirondack chairs, cedar sills and benches, hand crafted-lamps and many other items. Each one unique and each one designed and built by Martin himself, he offers these to the public at what he hopes are reasonable prices.

So, if you’ve come to Idyllwild and have realized that time runs slower here, come in and have a look around the Forest Furniture Gallery. Take your time exploring the uniquely crafted furniture along with a wonderful selection of reasonably priced antiques plus jewelry made by local artists. Even if you don’t buy anything we guarantee you’ll enjoy the calm and relaxing atmosphere.

Hope to see you soon, Martin!

For more information about our unique custom woodcraft or to arrange a visit call 714-717-9447 or email